Sunday, 10 July 2011


I am the type of person that appreciates a gift. It means someone was thinking about me.  I am usually not that good at gift giving. I usually have a difficult time deciding what to get.  This year I was going change that.  I had gift ideas for most people ahead of schedule. The delivery however was a little behind :) small steps right?  I truly am trying to be a good gift giver.  When I thought about the gifts I would give this year, I thought about some gifts that I have been given that I really loved. Some of them were handmade some of them weren't.  This year my focus is on handmade gifts.  Here are the color schemes of the same gift done 3 different ways.  Finished pictures are in the works, but enjoy the fabrics while you wait.

 I made some pretty unique birthday gifts this year. Were they time intensive? Yes. Did they turn out? Yes. What it worth it? Absolutely!

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