Thursday, 13 January 2011


 I have been so excited about cooking lately!  There are a few reasons for the change in my "I hate cooking" attitude:

1. My good friend recommended a cook book to me.
2. I stopped eating sugar as of 01/01/2011.
3. Eating out is too expensive.
4. My husband has diabetes.
5. I want my children to grow up eating home cooked meals.
6. I think I am ready to be a full blown House Wife! Cooking, cleaning, watch the kids, etc. (sure I was doing this before but now I am more dedicated) (this could also be a result of getting more sleep because my baby is growing up, but that is a different story...)

I am going to post about the cookbook later but for now I wanted to show you the "before" part of this new style of cooking I have started.  The book uses a lot of veggie puree's. I went through the book and found the recipes I wanted to try first and then bought all of those veggies and had a "steaming party".  I steamed all the veggies and then pureed them. Next  I measured 1/2 cup increments and froze them in cupcake pans.  It looks a little ridiculous but worked fabulously.  Most of the recipes call for 1/2 c of whatever veggie, which is why I chose this amount.
 While I was at it, I used a mini cupcake pan to make little meals for my daughter.  It is the perfect amount for her little tummy!

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  1. I am really excited to find out about that cook book because I am the pickiest of picky eaters, and a lot because of texture. When I do cook with veggies (enemy #1!) I grind them to a paste. So I am excited for your next post!