Wednesday, 19 January 2011


 We have been passing the sickness bug around our house for about a month (and it is still not gone). Needless to say we have been having quite a bit of soup lately.  This is the prep for a Butternut Squash Soup, from my new favorite cookbook.  It turned out well I think. One thing I learned is that if you make your own vegetable stock...add salt!  It definitely needed a lot of salt. I don't really like adding salt to anything so a added only a small amount and then when I served the meal, I put sour cream, and cheese out in case anyone thought it needed a little something extra.
 This is me crying as I chopped the most potent onion in the history of onions. I cried for at least 15 minutes straight. Somehow I forgot to take a picture of the finished product.

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  1. Here's a tip for a future of never crying while cutting onions: After peeling away the skin part, rinse it with water. All those vaporous nasty eye stinging juices will be gone or at least minimized :)