Monday, 17 January 2011

"B" Tutorial.

 This is a little project I have been working on between being sick and taking care of other sick people the last few weeks.  I plan on putting it in my baby's room once I am done.  It has been super easy and I love how it is turning out.

7 sheets of scrapbook paper (3 cute ones and 4 to make a pattern)
a cardboard letter
paint(something that matches your paper)
modge-podge or watered down glue
a sponge brush
a pencil (NOT A PEN!!!)

Step 1: paint the letter (you may need a second coat depending on the color you chose)

Step 2: Let it dry

Step 3: tape the four plain scrapbook papers together and trace the outline of your letter onto it to create a pattern.

Step 4: Cut the pattern how ever you like. Equal size pieces or get crazy like I did and have the pieces all different shapes and sizes. (I numbered the pieces as I cut to help me remember where they should go when I got to the gluing part.

Step 5: Trace the pieces onto the cute paper, since I had 3 different papers, I traced every third one on the same paper (ex. 1,4,7 on one paper, 2,5,8 on another, and 3,6,9 on another)

Step 6: Take the sponge brush and soak it with the glue (it doesn't need to be dripping, but you don't want it too dry either.)

Step 7: Brush the glue onto the face of the letter and place the paper pieces down in their correct spots. (I did this in stages so the glue would not dry as quickly.)

Step 8: After all of the pieces are glued into place, brush glue on the top of the entire letter to ensure that none of the paper pieces fall off!

(Picture of the finished project to come.)

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