Thursday, 2 December 2010


Behold! The dress I sewed all by myself.

We spent the weekend of Thanksgiving at my parents in Phoenix. Friday-Sunday, my mother was out of town so I could not rely on her to "help" me. Which usually translates to me starting a sewing project, getting frustrated and her saving me by finishing the project while I sit on the floor next to her and keep her company.

I really wanted to do this on my own though so I am actually glad she was out of town celebrating her 30th wedding anniversary with my Dad.  Lucky for me my MIL lives a mile from my parents, so instead of sewing at my parents house by myself, I went over there so she could play with Baby Bear and be my moral support. She also went on a few JoAnn trips with me. 
 Crimson Flower- more on this later
This is the first zipper I have placed.  It was rather easy after watching a few YouTube videos.  Actually this dress was full of techniques I had never used before.

Gathering- this is what makes the skirt so full and fluffy, perfect for little girls!

Zipper-I have a few things I am going to try on my next zipper to make it look a little more pleasing to the eye.

Hidden Seams- this means that there are no visible stitching lines with the exclusion of the zipper and the hem at the bottom.

Hand Stitched Lining- the bodice (upper part) has lining and I had to hand stitch it so the stitching is hidden from the outside.

I had so much fun sewing this...I want to make dresses all the time now!


  1. Wow, good job, it looks very professional!

  2. I love the dress and the flower. Are you going to make a matching bow for her hair? It's so cute! Teach me the ways sewing master! ha ha

  3. You're amazing and so crafty!! I love it:)

  4. You know how to do all those amazing sewing techniques! You learned many of them at the feet of your amazing Grandma Hunsaker and your mom. Some it is in your genes and the bulk of it is your own willingness to try things and your persistence to finish a project!

    I remember when you won the State Fair Fashion Show when you were only 6! You made a cute pair of shorts and top all by yourself! You even did "applek" (applique)on the outfit. You competed against in the 6-12year old category (btw everyone else in the contest was 12yrs old) and you were the winner! You won a $50 Gift Certificate to Fabricland. It took you over a year to use the Gift Certificate. You were so judicious in spending it. I think the ladies at Fabricland must have got tired of writing you a new Gift Certificate every time the amount changed! Grandma and I were so proud of you!

    You did an amazing job on Bristol's dress! Now you see why you had soooo many dresses when you were little!? Grandma H and I couldn't resist making them for you! Now, the same thing has happened to you! I love you darling, beautiful, talented and amazing daughter!