Wednesday, 24 November 2010


I have come to the conclusion that patterns you get at the store and clothes you buy at the store have 2 completely different measuring rules...I arrived at this thought since completing the amazing vest I made for myself that I am, now, going to remake.
  • the vest I made was a size 10, it is too small. 
  • a size 10 anything at the store will fall off of my body
I am a bit aggravated that I have to make another vest, aside from the fact that the vest is too small (I suppose I can thank my baby girl for my curvier figure) my iron is broken and partially ruined my taffeta.

I will say this though, the sewing part went extremely well. Over the years I have sewn many many quilts, all of which have been composed entirely of square pieces.  I have only made 2 articles of clothing, both very simple dresses. Here is the vest in progress...

I am a bit of a sewing machine snob, thus the "I {heart} Bernina" sticker on the side of my machine's case. My Grandmother, and mother were/are exquisite seamstresses. (My mother made my wedding dress).


  1. I love your wedding dress, your mom asked me to bring my wedding dress by so I knew what to ask the alteration place when I needed them to take it in, the seamstress-snob in her comes in handy for me!! haha

  2. I mean let it out, haha. Freudian slip!

  3. Wow! Your mom made your dress?! It's amazing!