Saturday, 6 November 2010

New shirt. Old shoes.

Today was the first outfit of my branching out effort. It starts with little steps. One new item at a time, mixed with old or familiar items. Today it was my plum purple shirt. I love purple, and yet I only have one other purple shirt, a tad darker than this one I rarely wear. Today was a craft day at the church. I was going to go in my jammies and flip flops,maybe my Chucks (it is in the 70's after all). I wasn't going to do my hair either. That's the old me though, so I had to think of something, and quick! So I found the cleanest pair of pants I fit into (post-baby) and a classic black flat. Then I found my new shirt, tags still on. Here it is my stylish "new"ensemble. I know it kind of resembles my, t-shirt and jeans stand by, but since I paired it with a nice shoe and added some color, I think it was acceptable. Next time I might even try adding some accessories  like jewelry. Baby steps.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I have those shoes! See, it's not so bad in baby steps, and you feel good when you try. I like your outfit; it feels like you, but just a little more grown up.

    I'm ready to go shopping whenever you're ready!

    PS: I wore a dress AND a necklace to a party today (paired with my lovely colorful sandals), and got complimented by someone I don't even know!